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Drug and Alcohol Counselor

This worker is a liaison with First Nations Communities and the Ministry of Children and Families. The focus is to provide support to families and individuals. This includes assessing the clients needs, referring them to the appropriate community and medical agency, and accompanying them as necessary.

Crisis intervention is also provided for both families and individuals in the case of suicide, medical, emotional issues. 

The worker networks with other community agencies such as Income Assistance programs, Children and Family Services, Doctors, Lawyers, Community Law, Probation, Amata Transition House and the Courts, RCMP, Season's House, QUESST and Quesnel Mental Health and Addictions, and Hospital. She also works to promote the integration of First Nations people in all communities. The Drug and Alcohol Counsellor provides support of counselling and referral to treatment programs.

The worker is an important source of support, and resource information.

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