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Employment Coordinator

Mission Statement:

To assist an Aboriginal persons’ development towards their training and employment.

The Objectives of this program are:

  1. To work with clients to identify employment barriers.
  2. To assist clients in establishing an action plan to enhance their employability.
  3. To work with CCATEC regarding training and employment opportunities.
  4. To directly solicit information from employers.
  5. To provide information on the local labor market and update as required.
  6. To provide follow-up and supportive assistance to new clients and to clients that have been successful in finding jobs.
  7. To refer all Employment Insurance and Social insurance Enquiries to the Quesnel HRCC office.
  8. To establish, maintain, and market a casual job service to employers and employees, establish data base for statistic purposes and post all casual jobs received.
  9. To refer clients to other community agencies as necessary.
  10. To provide information sessions on resume writing, interview techniques, and job search skill.
  11. To ensure clients have achieved self-sufficiency. 
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