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Fetal Alcohol & Drug Effects Worker

This is a primary prevention program funded by Health Canada. The main focus is on prevention with some intervention work also being done. This program is available to all members of the community.

Activities include ongoing group sessions, as well as schools and community programs. Support groups are available for caregivers with FAS/FAE children. Also a support group is run for FAS/FAE young women (14-24) who live in high risk environments.

Some individual client services are also available and include advocacy, support and intervention.

The program also makes the FASNET assessment tool available to clients.

We network and partner with a variety of community agencies including Mental Health, QUESST (Quesnel Unit for Emergency Short Stay Mental Health Program), Youth Care Workers, and Drug & Alcohol Counselors. 

Quesnel Tillicum Society Native Friendship Centre
319 North Fraser Dr Quesnel BC V2J 1Y9

Phone: 250-992-8347
Fax: 250-992-5708
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