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Youth Outreach Program

 The youth worker works in partnership with other community organizations to coordinate workshops targeted for youth.

Referrals are made to counseling services, personal management skills programs, employment programs, education programs, Ministry for Children and Families (MCFD), and Ministry of Human Resources. Also provided is active support and participation in other youth initiates.

The youth worker also acts as a liaison with youth and their families. And finally, the youth worker provides information to youth’s communities and MCFD regarding patterns of need that youth are experiencing.

What our program offers:

  • Information about drug and alcohol abuse
  • Referrals to counseling, life skills programs, employment programs, education programs, MCFD services, MSDES services, etc
  • Help find available housing
  • Linkage with youth's family
  • Youth worker will work cooperatively with other programs serving youth
  • Provide information to youth's community and MCFD regarding patterns of needs that youth have
  • Youth Advocate
  • Teach youth to advocate for themselves
  • Supporting youth within the Justice system


Quesnel Tillicum Society Native Friendship Centre
319 North Fraser Dr Quesnel BC V2J 1Y9

Phone: 250-992-8347
Fax: 250-992-5708
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